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Snippets of thoughts on various interests and hobbies.

Welcome to my notes

This is my digital garden project where I post notes on topics I've been interested in. These are short highly interlinked pages on a wide range of topics. They are different from blog posts, which are long form essays. It's like my own Wikipedia of condensed information that I've found useful, and hopefully others will too.

Internal links to other notes will be surrounded with square braces. At the bottom of each page is a section called "Related Pages". This Related Pages section is a list of other pages that link to the current page.


These are some of my main areas of interest. From here, you should be able to find all other topics.


Topics related to coding, projects, algorithms, interviewing.


Reviews, notes, and summaries of fiction and nonfiction books I've read.


Recipes, cooking techniques, and useful information.


Things I've bought that I've found useful.

Related Pages